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Indonesia is a beautiful archipelago country located right in the line of equator, this tropical country consists of more than 10 thousand islands and islets, due to its vast maritime area, its marine products are utterly rich and famous, for example, the Belitung Sea-Cucumber (also named Bold Sea-cucumber) is appreciated as the most valuable and the best one among various kind of Sea-Cucumbers. One of its valuable native products is Bird’s Nest which is very delicious and free from harmful cholesterol.

Other nutricious and delicious marine products are Dried Shellfish (such as Abalone, Scallop, etc.)

The total production of Bird’s Nest in Indonesia is 85% of the world’s total production.

In Indonesia, there are many islands producing many kind of Bird’s Nest with different nature, there are high quality and low quality bird’s nest from different places, so the prices are different too.

Jakarta is the trade center of various commodities in Indonesia, therefore, if you visit Jakarta and intend to purchase high quality bird’s nest or marine products as your precious gifts for your close friends or just for your own family, we warmly welcome you to visit Golden Shop which has received many favourable comments.

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